Doing Tokenisation Right

A ValueExchange Report sponsored by Digital Asset

Report highlights:

"Through tokenisation, the nature of the security will change. The security will become a digital object – which will be the golden source to a community of users."

"As our experience of tokenisation continues to evolve, the case for tokenisation is also changing. Whilst almost all projects have clearly identified operational efficiencies as the basis for their return-on-investment in their initial stages, we are now beginning to move beyond these towards more profound and medium-term benefits."

“At Digital Asset, we have created a smart contract framework—Daml—and a privacy-enabled blockchain—Canton—which are both built with the demanding requirements of financial use cases in mind. We can codify the expected and allowed behaviors of assets and processes into smart contracts and ensure policy compliance. Daml Finance is an expansion of our smart contract platform that accelerates the tokenization process.”

Download the Doing Tokenisation Right report to learn:

  • The path towards a more tokenized future based on lessons learned by industry-leaders on the role of tokenization in capital markets.
  • The critical drivers that are critical for businesses as they build the business case for asset tokenization investment.
  • How to deploy digital assets in greater quantities.